About Me

I'm a husband, father, and pastor living in Peterborough, Ontario. My wife Shoshanna and I grew up in Ottawa and came to Peterborough for school in 2006, at which time we became involved in ministering to youth, young adults, and First Nations People. Since 2010 this has been my primary vocation. Currently, my ministry runs through Vision Ministries of Canada and includes providing spiritual support for students at Trent University, pastoring Curve Lake Christian Assembly, and collaborating with James Bay Cree Christians to serve youth in their communities. To contact me click here!

About Trent

I first became involved in campus ministry at Trent University when I was a student leader with the Trent Christan Fellowship. The group has gone through multiple iterations since I graduated. As of 2022, it is affiliated with InterVarsity. I continue to be involved as a Volunteer Chaplain through Trent Spiritual Affairs. I have also worked with Trent International and World University Service of Canada to care for international and refugee students.

About CLCA

Curve Lake Christian Assembly is a community of Indigenous and Settler Christians who meet regularly to celebrate the Creator's reconciling love as revealed in Jesus Christ. They meet at a church building owned and operated by Curve Lake First Nation, which is shared by Curve Lake United Church. I have been pastoring CLCA part-time alongside George Budd since 2019. For more about CLCA you can check out their website here.

About the James Bay Cree

The James Bay Cree consist of 9 communities in northern Quebec. Since 2010 Shoshanna and I have been helping run summer camps alongside a mentor of theirs and at the invitation of Cree Christians. We continue to bring teams to help with these camps every July, and I also helps provide programming and spiritual support for youth and Cree adults who work with youth throughout the school year.

About VMC

Vision Ministries Canada is a relational and resourcing network that helps create more and better churches in order to see more people becoming committed followers of Jesus Christ. VMC works with established churches, church planters, and faith-supported ministry workers like me. They provide me with coaching and networking opportunities and in turn I help with networking based on geographic region and interest in serving indigenous people. To learn more about VMC you can check out their website here.